Embodied Soul

In The Mind We Are Many, In The Body We Are One.


Precise, one-on-one integration of the Eight Dimensions of Embodied Presence™ to master your ability to transform any situation into soul-based inspiration.

The Way Of Embodied Soul

Foundational training in our Eight Dimensions of Embodied Presence™. Recognize and release the primary blockers to your life force energy.
Create the body and mind that supports you to live from an evolutionary perspective.


Hands on “in the field of evolving creativity” . Classes, workshops, and intensives guide you through experiential journeys.

“ The reality of the body is not to be given but to be made real, to be realized; the body is to be built not by hands but by the spirit.” Norman O. Brown

We are on a mission to create healers and helpers, assisting those evolutionaries embody their work in the world, and in turn, help others do the same.

“When you allow your heart, knowledge, and actions to align with your deep inner longing, the creative energies of the Universe are your allies, and your potential to create what others may deem as miracles, is unlimited.”

Elizabeth and Bruce have not only brought the ancient techniques of yoga up to date and applied them to our ever-expanding life experience, they have integrated them with the path of personal growth. Their work teaches us how to live in this ever-changing world of synchronistic chaos, that we are not only a part of on a large scale, but also is, on the quantum level, the very ground of our being.

Barbara Brennan


Elizabeth is a remarkable person, always interested in expanding her awareness of yoga, and integrating this with as many disparate views as possible, so as to teach people the same basic message in the ways they can receive it. She is a brilliant innovator, an accomplished professional and someone who is revolutionizing the world of yoga day by day.

Srini Palay


I love working with Elizabeth. Our sessions leave me feeling relaxed and energized. My flexibility, range of motion and even my oxygen levels have increased since I began working with her. I recommend her highly to anyone who wants more vitality and more calm while becoming physically fit and I’m 95!

Cynthia Nixon


Embodied Dialogues

Body Awareness combined with  Energy Field Enhancement rejuvenates, relieves pain, increases functionality.