Embodied Soul’s Eight Foundational Skills For Embodied Presenceā„¢

This is our signature course that will give you the foundational skills of Embodied Presence.

First and foremost, this work gives you the agility to be fully present to your own needs, the needs of others and the creative wave as it is arising. It trains you to modulate your own and others’ stress responses, as well as intervene with empathy, compassion and sustained, focused, intentional action. It is suitable for healers, psychotherapists, body workers, nurses, relief workers, performing artists, yoga teachers, as well as anyone interested in exploring their creative edge and expanding their own potential to lead and serve others.

It is an 8 week course, delivered on-line via webinar format. The material is integrated in weekly Q &A calls where we can work with you individually. Everything is recorded so, you do not need to attend live.

The Way Of Embodied Soul

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