What we mean by ‘Embody’.


So many damn talking heads are spouting so much hot air about this word, I want to scream!

The word ’embody’ is suddenly everywhere these days. Do we really know what it means – or do we just think we do and leave it at that?

While we’re at it, just what are we trying to embody – our body, our poses, our power, our sexuality, our authenticity?

How’s that working? Are we happier? Have things gotten any better? How many more yoga classes, mindfulness retreats or online transformational courses do we need to take before we can be the natural outpouring of Truth, Beauty and Justice that is unique to each of us ?

Meanwhile, many of us are looking for the permission to live our full-out glory. We’re still scared, and not just about what’s happening in the world.

We’re cellularly terrified. It’s too much energy. It cracks our little container and we don’t know how to build a larger, more highly charged body to house the new upgrade of Self.

We’re not so great at building bigger, more inclusive, structures that are stable. At least our little boxes are familiar.

We’re not used to freedom. It flies in the face of everything we know about self-preservation.

So, there you have the perfect conditions to stay small and yearn for more.

So many of us have a really, really deep longing inside. It’s not getting fulfilled – it’s not getting expressed – and it’s not going away. It’s suffocating – and crippling – and heartbreaking.

It doesn’t matter what it’s about either. It can be about your health, love life, family relationships, career issues or financial life. It can be that great work you’ve put off doing. It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling with your identity, or to start a family, or to live fully with end-stage cancer.

It doesn’t matter because the thing that you must embody is what is eternal and doesn’t change with changes in fortune.

The thing you must embody is your own Divine Nature.

We can do this but not with our heads. You can’t think your way into embodiment. You must train your body how to be a home for that energy.

Your body is the ground the divine spark needs to root and blossom and bear fruit in your life. That divine spark needs you to pay attention. You will not find any peace until you do.

Embodying that thing you’re longing for, isn’t going to happen until there is a change in the energy that created it in the first place. It’s your job to cultivate a body for that energy to land.

What really drives me insane is this mental approach to embodying – asking the ego to solve these life issues from it’s limited, dualistic, disembodied, disconnected perspective.

Stop. You’re only feeding the tiger. That soul-eating tiger will not go away if you feed it! The best you can do with your mental exercises is move things around and, hopefully, get a better understanding of the issues. You won’t embody anything other than what you’re already embodying.

Meanwhile, you by pass your body, go deaf, dumb and blind to it’s wisdom and miss a wonderful opportunity to come into the real fullness of your being!

When you really come into the deep body, you open connections within you – profound, timeless, non-linear understandings and glimpses of the whole. You untangle the emotions, the stories and the bad-tasting residue of the past from those longings. You hear them as cries from the soul to step up into the next version of who you are choosing to embody now.

This type of encounter with your own pure energy, again and again and again is what you’re after.

But, we keep jumping to mental because we’re a mental society. We arrogantly think that’s our greatest capacity. Actually, it’s our most over-used, slippery capacity. Reason doesn’t speak to trauma, personal or collective. Reason doesn’t restore your vital strength, your sanity or that sense of emotional truth you feel in every cell. Only embodiment does that.

So now, let’s unpack what we mean by ’embody’ …

Embodiment is:

A decision to come into ‘fully-awakened sensory experience’ with our full selves. To feel it all and own it as part of the non-dual experience of being fully alive.

The experience of finally, fully landing in your own body in the unfolding present moment
and to know how to keep bringing yourself back into presence, again and again.

The experience of being your living experience within and as a part of a constantly shifting, creative field. To know how to simultaneously track interior and exterior space as both the loving witness, curious asker and the fully awakened experiencer.

Embodiment requires us to open to a flood of energy. It’s coherent not chaotic energy. However, for many of us, that still can trigger boatloads of coping reactions on a spectrum from fear to aggression.

There are real, physiological body responses AND there are equally real reactions in our bodies of energy, emotion, thought and belief.

You know this place… body-armoring, sensation-numbing, emotional deadening, powering down your life force, overwhelm, confusion, coping, blaming, attacking, scapegoating, dramatizing, rationalizing…

Then there is the insidious, invisible way it all sneaks up on you. We believe our own con. It becomes who we are.

These are ways we disembody ourselves. We’re bred to play it safe and to defend our habits. We’re brainwashed to follow the rules. We’re intimidated into being compliant. We’re drowning in a sea of personal and collective trauma.

Except, thank God, our longing never dies.

The late, great Wayne Dyer used to say, “Don’t die with your music still in you.”

Your longing and your music don’t ever die. Only you have the chance to give them life. That longing is that pure, eternal voice calling your soul to love it into being real.


The Road to Embodiment begins with the decision to be alive, to feel everything without attaching excuses and to stay in the unfolding present.

Bit by bit, within a container of safety, we discover the places and the moments we numb out or step back to remove ourselves from the overwhelming flow.

We learn, instead, how to stay as peace while feeling everything, conscious of everything but knowing the one knowable thing. It’s defies description because it’s experience but, you could call that flood of coherent energy the One as it arises in the Many and in you.