Why Grounding Must Precede Embodiment



One fine spring day in Manhattan, I witnessed a man getting struck and killed by a truck. He was crossing against the light at 72nd St. and Amsterdam Ave., looking at his cell phone. He never saw the truck coming. A loud boom, a few bystanders screaming and then, stunned silence…

Yes, the example is extreme but, as we walk through life, fixated on that super-computer in our hands, grounding our energy into our bodies, our place and time has become more and more of an issue.

Awareness. Strength. Responsiveness.

The ability to spot trends and see patterns as they are arising. The ability to engineer pattern shifts.

Creativity. Innovation.

These are some the real fruits of being grounded.

The first technique we use (and we return to again and again) is grounding, drawing energy from the head and chest, down to our roots and bringing the light all the way down to our feet.
Grounding jump-starts the polarity of your bioelectric charge. It makes you pulsate at the cellular and at every other level of your being.

“It activates the energy field from static to flowing. Then we can shift our energetic distribution out of distortion and defense. We come into greater balance and clarity. We become containers capable of holding nuance, contradiction and the higher, organizing frequencies that weave beauty out of chaos.”

We all need the Stability of Being that grounding can bring us. None of us can fully open to the dynamic potential of our soul’s longing until we are consistently grounded enough to manifest it.

So, we ground first, in order to embody. It’s a crucial first step energetically and it gives us a place to land, to root into and be nourished by. For many, especially those struggling with trauma, grounding itself is a healing practice.


The Practice of Embodiment begins with waking up the sensory experience of your inner and outer worlds. First comes an awareness of being so much more, of containing multitudes.

It continues to unfold as your capacity to heal, forgive and move forward.

But that’s just the beginning…

It opens you to the experience of your Self in Presence.

“You start experiencing yourself as you truly are, the pure, unconditioned, authentic you –and it feels wonderful, refreshing, healing and freeing.”

This is that thing you carry through lifetimes. It’s the unsullied primordial beauty you share with all of creation.

It opens you up to an awareness of many worlds within worlds.

It opens you to experience that same authentic, primordial beauty in others and in the world.


When you begin experiencing this phenomenon,

The One In The Many And The Many In The One,

you are in nonduality

(AKA: true unitive consciousness).

“Hi, if you want to know more about the experience of grounding and the feeling of embodiment , and how it can help you shape your life, go to this link and listen to Empower Yourself With Embodied Presence. And if you need more help you can sign up for a free Insight Session with us.